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About Mo-Wash

mo-Wash has developed a mobile hand washer that provides improved health options for events, areas and locales where adequate sanitation is lacking. mo-Wash is the first mobile hand washer of its kind.

mo-Wash is a mobile hand washer unit that provides event organisers with a cost-effective solution to the challenge of maintaining hygiene at an outdoor function or event.

The mo-Wash requires no plumbing or drainage, and can be located anywhere. It uses a 12V battery for operation. It is a standalone, fully automatic, portable mobile hand washer unit that rests on the floor. It delivers a 10-second hand wash at the movement of a hand. It does not require a foot pump. Our new units are being produced using the latest moulding techniques from high impact polyethylene. They are lighter and tougher than metal. The units are rented to event organisers needing hygienic mobile hand washers for weddings, funerals, sports events, corporate events or public events.

Our product saves water and saves lives. We strive to work as a cohesive, harmonious company unit, focused on our mission.

Engineering technology that drives social innovation and transforms lives.


Mo-Wash is dedicated to ensuring that all our customers enjoy the benefits of safe, attractive, innovative and environmentally-friendly mobile hand washer Units..


Customer safety, happiness, and hygiene are our main goals.